Week 8 - The final week…
14th January 2014
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Although delayed by the seasonal festivities, I thought I should finish off my Pilates blogs.

My last class of last year was Barre, this was very energizing and the fastest moving of all the classes I went to. Reverting to my 5 year self (my dreams of being a ballet dancer never came to fruition) we started the class with a warm up of 1st position, 2nd position, plié, 1st position, 2nd position, plié using the Barre for support. Swan Lake here I come!

We then moved onto the arm weight ball, a heavy hacky sack, which I maneuvered with the grace of a rhythmic gymnast using it to test our balance, rhythm and coordination (I would say having  two out of three isn’t bad) almost taking out the instructor with a misjudged throw whilst lost in the moment. All I needed next was the ribbon and my floor performances would have been complete.

On a more serious note, I really worked up a sweat, found that I had lots of muscles I hadn’t use for a long time and enjoyed it so much I carried on when everyone had stopped.

Over the eight classes that I have been to at the Pilates Pod, I have found that my initial preconceptions about Pilates were very different to what we actually did and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone.

Not only has it changed the way I do my exercises at home, it has helped with my running and had a positive effect on one of the main reasons why I wanted to give it a go…..not saying it has gone but it is definitely………shrunk!

Thank you Michelle and all of the instructors at the Pilates Pod and I will see you soon, especially as I have a half marathon to get ready for!

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