Use It or Lose It
20th October 2009
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I had an email in from Hitchin Town Bowls Club last week asking if we could help promote the plight of the club.  I think that anything that can do to get the community working together is a good thing so I thought I would do a little blog about it. Hitchin Town Bowls Club operate the two bowling greens in Bancroft Gardens Hitchin in partnership with NHDC.  However, the usage of the greens has become low over the past few years and the club is considering starting a Croquet Club and use one of the greens as a croquet lawn.  I have to admit that I have never played croquet and don't know the rules of the game but it sounds like a plan to me!  They are looking for anyone who is interested in joining, organising, running or helping in anyway with the project to contact Ken Porter on 

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