Undercover Boss in Southern Fried Chicken Shop in Hitchin
15th July 2011
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The first I heard about Channel 4 Undercover Boss programme featuring the Southern Fried Chicken Shop in Hitchin was a Facebook Page popping up and then a tweet from someone in thebestof network asking if I had seen the programme(the power of social media).  So I put a tweet out asking if anyone had an a link was sent back which I watched.

My immediate reaction was OMG!  Look at Hitchin, we look like a bunch of yobs and poor old Southern Fried Chicken people - BUT look what's happened since:-

Mixed views from the people that I am connected to on Facebook and Twitter - some saying how bad it made Hitchin look because of the clips of the drunken people and others concentrating on the fact that Hitchin came out tops in terms of an example of a good fast food restaurant, the practices and the staff.

I then watched the whole programme and was actually quite 'proud' if that is the right word, that the two guys who own the shop came across really well in the film and a credit to Hitchin.  This will have done wonders for them and for their business - I bet this week they have been very busy!

So what's your view?  Good or bad? 

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