Torn between two choices
10th February 2013
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There really is no better second-hand book shop within striking distance than Eric T Moore Books at the end of Bridge Street. They can find just about any book, including some great choices for interesting and individual gifts (hint hint about Valentine's Day).

But then there's Waterstone's in the Market Square. With the possible demise of HMV, we are all reminded of the need to support 'shops' in the broadest sense, or Saturday mornings will just see a long queue out of Brookers' door as we all endeavour to collect our orders from ... online suppliers.

Can we support both? I hope so. I hate the idea that the only way of choosing books is virtually, without the feel of the real thing. And yes, I have a Kindle, so I'm not averse to new ways of reading. There has to be a market for different options.

Moore's really give outstanding, individual service and a great choice of books. I cannot imagine many people being unable to find something for that special someone this week. Waterstone's has a fabulous team who are also passionate about books and can order anything new that they don't actually have in stock.

One of those cases where local independent can exist alongside chain stores? I hope so.

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