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14th August 2012
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For anyone who's new to this issue, The Comet has launched a campaign to support efforts to prevent the removal of Hitchin Town Football Club from Top Field, on the corner of Fishponds Road near Butts Close. Proposals are afoot to sell off that piece of land to developers, which will probably result in a supermarket or at least major redevelopment.

The intention seems to be to move the club out to a piece of green field land opposite Kingshott School and it's really not clear why this is suddenly happening.

For more information about The Comet's campaign, click here:

Manwhile, it does seem important that anyone who cares about the landscape of Hitchin should support the football club. Find out about their fixtures and special events by clicking on their own website here:

You can find out more about the campaign by reading the information on the Facebook page:!/pages/Save-Top-Field-Campaign-Hitchin/204251769700551

There is a campaign committee meeting - open to the public - at the Angel's Reply on Bedford Road at 7:30pm on Monday 10th September 2012. However you feel about the potential development of Top Field, if you care about the landscape of that corner of Hitchin, you might like to go along. Have your views represented.

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