Think our town's messy? Do your bit to tidy it up.
9th September 2014
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I travel around the country a lot and genuinely think Hitchin is no more or less untidy than other towns, but there's always more that can be done.

How often have you walked past a bit of litter and tutted? Did you just leave it there or did you pick it up and carry it to the nearest bin? You can argue that the original litter lout should have done that until you're blue in the face. Or you can do something about it.

On Sunday 12 October for two hours there'll be a concerted effort to clear litter from all our streets, roads, alleyways and common spaces. A similar day in April made a huge difference and this is a great chance for all of us to do the same again.

It takes volunteers. Local people like you and me. We can do it all day everyday, but if we can't, then maybe just two hours between 10am and noon that Sunday could make a difference.

Even half an hour would really help. Tell your friends and get a whole street out, especially if you have elderly neighbours who can't do it.

Find out more at or volunteer NOW by emailing


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