Thebestofhitchin has joined Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt
2nd April 2012
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This April we are asking the women of Hitchin to hunt out their old or unused bras and show their support for Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt.

The Big Bra Hunt, supported by Helen Mirren, Zoe Ball and Miquita Oliver aims to collect one million bras in the month of April.  Some will be sold in Oxfam’s UK shops but many more will be sold by women in West Africa – where quality bras are hard to come by, and where the money raised will make an amazing difference to the lives of poor communities.

Collections points are currently:

The Victoria Pub in Hitchin

Little Rascals Indoor Play Centre on Bancroft, Hitchin

Oxfam Shop in the Market Place, Hitchin

Curves Ladies Gym, Intech House,Wilbury Way, Hitchin

The White Wardrobe, Bancroft, Hitchin

The Salon at North Hertfordshire College, Hitchin

Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

Tumble Tent, The Wynd, Letchworth

Nuffield Health, Letchworth

First Garden City Heritage Museum, 296 Norton Way South, Letchworth

Wild Roses Lingerie, 61 Norton Way North, Letchworth

Neves & Dyer, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin

Helen Mirren says “Before I heard about this campaign I have to admit that I had never thought to donate my bras to Oxfam.  I’m sure that many women have a number of bras stowed away left untouched for years.  This campaign really highlights how every last item donated to Oxfam can be used in a truly unique way, making a real difference to people all around the world”.

Bras are complex to manufacture so very few developing countries have the facilities to make their own.  This means that second hand bras are a valuable commodity and one of the most desirable items of clothing in West African second hand clothing markets.  Frip Ethique (meaning ‘ethical second hand clothing’) is a unique project run by Oxfam in Senegal that sorts and trades unsold second hand clothes from the charity’s UK shops.  The project proves essential employment for disadvantaged women in the area and generates profits which can be invested in the charity’s work in West Africa.  Take a look at this short video by Zoe Ball.

Collection organiser, Louise Yexley from thebestofhitchin says “I read about this project in a magazine and I just thought what a good idea and how easy it would be do get involved.  I contacted businesses and organisations that I have worked with locally and asked for their help.  I went to meet with Debbie, Oxfam shop manager in Hitchin and she was very happy for us to help with the campaign".

We need the women of Hitchin and Letchworth to start their hunt for bras – any shape, size, style and condition.  We are looking to collect 50 sacks full in this area and a million in the UK by the end of April 2012.  By donating we’ll be giving a whole lot of women a whole lot of support”.

If you would like to get involved and support this campaign locally, please get in touch with either Debbie at Oxfam in Hitchin on 01462 456638 or Louise Yexley at thebestofhitchin on 01462 759700 (

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