Sunbeds and Tanning - healthy or not?
29th July 2009
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I've just been listening to the news about the use of sunbeds.  Not sure why this has suddenly come into the headlines except perhaps the rubbish weather we are having at the moment.  Now I am as white as a milk bottle and so is my son who has freckles and ginger hair.  When we venture into the sun we slap on factor 30 or 50 which is pretty much a total block.  Infact when we come back from holiday it doesn't even look like we've been away!  Keith on the other hand only has to look at the sun and turns a lovely bronze colour, never burns and only occasionally puts on sun cream.

I think a tan looks lovely, it even makes slighter plumper ladies like myself look much more attractive!  I couldn't possibly bare sitting out in the sun so i would definately go for a sunbed.  I remember my mum buying one of those plug in ones that you put over the bed and you had to lie on a silver sheet and when you came off you smelt slightly odd and were dripping with sweat - lovely!  The only other time i have really used a tanning booth was when we got married 5 years ago.  I decided that there was no way that I was going to be wed looking as pale as a sheet and booked in for so many minutes.  I went into one that you stood up in for 3 minutes at a time and i came out with a lovely subtle tan which is just what i wanted.  We have SANTE as members of thebestofhitchin and they have a very good trade with people coming in for sunbeds.  They've actually got an offer on for August where you can get 60 minutes tanning for £29.99 instead of £45. 


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