Space Hoppers
24th November 2013
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Had I known that the class was going to take me back to the 1980s, I would have worn my leg warmers and head band, and learnt the words to ‘Fame’. The Fit Ball reminded me of the space hopper I used to love as a child but without the handles and smiley face.  The exercises that followed however, definitely made me realise this was not going to be child’s play!

My core was definitely engaged throughout the whole session, using the ball to plank, press up, sit and bounce on, while trying hard not to fall off (which I successfully managed for about 10 seconds).  I thought this was going to be a work out and it definitely was; I could feel my mummy tummy fade by the minute and my six-pack become more pronounced!

Not satisfied with this, Michelle then introduced weighted arm balls, expecting us to pump our arms whilst sitting on the ball…easy enough sitting my arm chair with a G&T, not so easy sitting on a round object better suited for rolling.

I am amazed each week how much I enjoy these classes, how much they actually work you but most of all how great I feel after.  My running has improved since I started and so has shrinkage of my ‘you know what’… Can’t wait for next week’s twin reformer class!

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