Smile Please!
11th June 2013
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If your teeth look like mine - a bit dull, then why not think about having your teeth whitened? I am going to post a blog about my teeth whitening experience over the next few months. Today I went to see Nix at Tilehouse Dental Clinic in Hitchin. A really lovely dentist who put me totally at ease.

He has taken some impressions of my teeth and is getting my 'trays' made so that I can use the them to bleach my teeth at home.

It was refreshing to actually go into my appointment on time (I've waited for 45 minutes to be seen in a dental practice before) and the soft music in the waiting room was lovely and relaxing.

So here are my gnashers 'before' photo. My husband thinks I look like Wallace and Gromit (not sure which one!).  Think I am more concerned about how hairy my top lip seems to be!!!

I will let you know how I get once I've got the trays back and started the process!

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