Smile International Shoebox Appeal in Hitchin
18th October 2010
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When my children were in nursery or primary school, each October/November we got a leaflet home in the school bags from the International Shoebox Appeal asking us to donate shoeboxes with gifts in which go to children in parts of the world who don't normally get gifts or presents or indeed who don't have anything most of the time.

This was quite exciting for me and my children to do together. They liked wrapping the shoe boxes in Christmas paper and then choosing bits and pieces to put in the boxes.  Sometimes the gifts were actually things like packets of pencils or small colouring books that we might have thrown away ourselves (how wasteful is that!) .  We went to buy tooth brushes, flannels, little toys and the children then handed them into the school office.

As my children have grown (they are still only 9 and 11), the schools don't seem to promote it as much, or I don't mix in the places that do have the leaflets anymore?

I noticed on facebook last year that there was a shoebox collection at The Priory School in Hitchin and have just seen it again.  This is such a good idea and I wondered who else in the Hitchin area got involved?  If I can help communicate this out please let me know and I would add a plea to anyone to have a look at doing this.  One shoebox with bits and pieces makes a big difference to a child this Christmas.

How much money will we spend on our children this year?  What latest must have gadget will we buy them?

You can download the form here and hand your shoeboxes into Hitchin Girls School by 3rd November and Hitchin Priory School by 10th November. Connect to the Smile International Shoebox Appeal in Hitchin Facebook account for follow them on twitter

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