Shiny cars take over Hitchin's Market Place
1st February 2014
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Once more, Hitchin's Market Place was used to display some of the best our town has to offer. This time, it was The Car Agent with some gorgeous cars.

Passers-by took delight in taking a seat, with one young man (far too young to even have a licence) needing to see the boot of one particular sporty model.

If you missed your chance, get along to the new showroom on Queen Street, or The Car Agent's auto lounge on Brand Street. There's lots of choice in gorgeous cars, and they're not all accompanied by ridiculous price-tags.

More displays and shows are promised this year as the Market Place remains a great draw for public awareness-raising events.

To find out more about The Car Agents, go to:

To find out more about Hitchin BID and uses of the Market Place, go to:

Oh, and if you're a local business, remember to vote YES to get the BID renewed.

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