Running for Roots
3rd July 2013
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Hi Everyone, I have been working with Roots Nursery ever since I visited Gambia on holiday several years ago.

I was struck, not only by the abject poverty in the region but also by the sense of optimism and the joy of the young children at just having the opportunity to go to school.

Whilst I was there the school had run out of funds and had to close. It literally broke my heart (and I''m a big lad). I felt I had to help.

We now have a new school in Nemakonku, The Gambia, West Africa. There are 29 pupils ages 3 - 7 being taught in a building with no proper floor, no windows and doors, insufficient educational materials and to top it all off has a leaky roof.

We need to refurbish the building completely, provide new school furniture, educational materials and mosquito nets. Then we need to pay our teacher too.

We estimate the cost to be £3750 and if we raise the full amount I will be going to Africa later in the year (at my own expense) to oversee the project and get the kids back in the classroom

To raise funds myself and 5 others ,Mark Mardlin, Daniel Ludford, Matt George, Lawren Ellis, Mark Woodhams and Tommy Richards ( all from Hitchin) are running the British London 10k on July 14th.

Our fundraising page is:

It would be great to raise awareness and gain some sponsorship, however small. Personally I would like to see some strong links between Hitchin businesses and our charity if at all possible.

That would be amazing to say the least.

Many thanks for reading


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