Royal Wedding Party in Hitchin?
24th February 2011
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A Royal Wedding - who is looking forward to it and who couldn't give a stuff?

I remember watching the wedding of Charles and Di but not being particularly bothered about any of the others.  This time I'm torn.  I want my children to witness it but not sure my 11 year old son will be bothered to sit through it and probably my 9 year old daughter will sit still for 20 minutes.

What I do like, is all the community spirit around it.  The fact that lots of people have been talking about doing a street party or event.  And I am sure that many pubs across Hitchin will be showing the wedding on their tvs serving food at the same time.

A Royal Wedding event is being hosted at Bar Absolute for 60 guests.  At £20 a head, with a roast beef lunch being served by Halseys.  If you are interested, tickets can be bought at Bar Ab, Halseys or Hitchin Initiative but get in quick as they are going fast!  Guest will need to arrive at 10.30am for a glass of fizz before the wedding commences at 11.00am.  And the good thing in that proceeds will be going back into the community.

If you are thinking of holding a Hitchin street party.  Here is some information which you might find useful  from the council

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