ROTW - A Success?
19th July 2008
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ROTW has been a huge part of Hitchin for a number of years now and the move to Hitchin Priory this year was a big gamble on everyones part. Everyone seems to have a different point of view as to whether it was a success or not. The retailers, are they happy that the town wasn't full of people who had had too much to drink, dropping litter everywhere? Or did it affect the profitability of those businesses over the weekend?

From a family point of view, again there are mixed opinions and I guess it's all down to expectations. Last year we ventured into the town centre and it was so packed that I didn't dare let go of the childrens hands as they would have been lost. This year in contrast, there was lots of open space and we took a picnic blanket and camped out all Sunday afternoon in the glorious sun. The children were happy, they had a go on the climbing wall and had their hair sprayed and spent most of the afternoon playing with the bubble wand. I have to admit that i didn't really listen to much music! For me it was all about the atmosphere, the colourful costumes, and everyone enjoying themselves.

I spoke to a few people afterwards and they said they didn't go as they had heard it wasn;t very good. Well, I think it's a shame that they didn't go along and see for themselves. For £5 it was well worth a visit.

What is your opinion?

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