ROTW 2010
22nd October 2009
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This week I had my first taste of getting involved as a volunteer of Rhythms of the World 2010.  We (thebestof hitchin) have been involved on the outskirts as a sponsor for a few years, promoting the fundraising side of things at our networking meetings and also promoting the festival in our door drop but this year we decided that we should really get more involved.  The event has changed and grown so much since it first began and some people love the fact that it has moved in a new direction whereas others dislike what it has become now.  Personally I have no past experiences to go on but I know that people find it hard to accept change and it takes a bit of getting used to.  As a mum of 2 young children, I am torn between wanting to go along to the festival with my children so that they can experience the whole atmosphere, and getting them a babysitter so that I can wander around, chill out and really enjoy the music without having to worry if they have found a bubble machine off in the distance somewhere.

I've never really considered actually how much time and effort is put into staging something like this, and done entirely by volunteers from Hitchin.  And actually it's really amazing how much people put into this event which really starts in the planning stage from the moment it ends!  So I thought I would put my hand up and volunteer to get involved a bit more this year.  ROTW cannot go ahead without volunteers and if anyone is interested in helping out then please do come along to a volunteers information meeting which is going to be held in November at Hitchin football club.  As soon as dates and times are agreed I will let you know.

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