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24th August 2011
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You've set up your own business, recognised your dream, and business is going well.  However your stress levels are through the roof and you seem to have less free time now than when you were an employee.  Work days are spent juggling the real work of your business, and the paperwork etc.  To make up time you work into the evening and at weekends.  Surely time you should be spending with family and/or friends?

So what are your choices?  Hire a full-time member of staff?  Ask your partner to help with the paperwork?  Hire a Virtual Assistant?  Or carry on doing it all yourself?

Hiring a full-time member of staff means their hourly rate, plus NI, taxes, office space, computer equipment, supplies, any fringe benefits etc.  Quite a cost to your business when you add it all up.  This doesn't take into account of the less obvious costs, such as time and money spent on training, the cost of lunch hours and sick/holiday pay, possibly maternity leave, and any non-productive hours.

Using a Virtual Assistant is simply money well spent. 

You have just the costs per hour, or cost per project (whatever you agree with your VPA).  Additional costs being only for items such a postage, printing etc.  You literally pay only for the time spent on the tasks you need to achieve on.  On top of that you are saving money on training, NI, HMTC etc.  It’s also a tax deductible expense!

That's not to say that hiring a VPA is of no cost in time to you, you still have to invest a certain amount of time in training, and in good communication. 

But then again, of course, you could continue to do the work yourself . . .

Life at Actual Admin

If you’re reading this and are still wondering if you’re the type of business who could benefit from a Virtual Assistant, on a one-off or on-going basis, then wonder no more!  Since I started Actual Admin I’ve had such an array of business types turn to me for assistance.  I’ve had a tree surgeon, a business turnaround specialist, a training company, a commercial cleaner, an advertising company, a pre-school, a gymnastics coach, a children’s hairdressers and many more.  Some of these businesses have wanted on-going assistance, some have wanted help on a one-off basis.

Any the type of work I have carried out for these businesses?  Well it’s as varied as the client base.  I have put together websites, designed adverts and flyers, organised meetings, typed up documents, put together an email marketing campaign, put together e-magazines, up-dated databases, and so much more! 

Need assistance with something and you’re not sure if Actual Admin can help then just ask.

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