Recycling - are you doing your bit?
29th January 2014
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As someone who lived for a few years in London and several years in Hampshire, I know that our arrangements now in North Herts make it pretty convenient to recycle. But many people find it difficult.

I use the composting caddy and empty the bag once a week into the brown bin, which is also used for garden waste and has been filled recently with cuttings and leaves.

The black bin is brilliant for accepting almost everything else - cardboard, cans, bottles etc -  and I have a blue box for paper recycling.

The purple bin hardly gets a look-in. Since I recycle plastic bags in Waitrose, I sometimes feel it's a waste to put it out for collection.

Then, of course, there's the dump in Blackhorse Road, Letchworth. I love the way they segregate and sort and much of my junk has gone there over the years. Little has ended in the actual rubbish.

It's not as easy for everyone, I know. But I do think NHDC goes a good job of waste and recycling (and don't even get me started on the street cleaning team, who do an amazing job!). What's your view? What stops you recycling more?

If you want some bedtime reading, here's a link to the NHDC waste and recycling policy page:


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