Raymond James Investment Services in Hitchin - Should You Save For a Rainy Day?
22nd November 2010
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Saving for a Rainy Day?  Or not sure whether you should?

Raymond James Investment Services based in Hitchin get to know their clients so they care about their money like it is their own.  They sit down with clients at least every 6 months and go through the market and how their investments have been performing so that they are fully aware.  And I am speaking from first hand experience!

The humble brick – one small part of the largest asset most people ever own.

Have you ever heard anyone say “my house is my pension” or “I’ll use my buy-to-let for my savings”? -     but have they ever tried to sell one brick?!

And of course they usually follow up with “I don’t trust the market – I could lose all my money!” -     obviously they’ve never met the right investment genius!

Raymond James Investment Services are looking to speak to couples at the moment to ask them if are they confident in their investments or scared of what the market might bring?

They offer a FREE review of where they are currently and what they’ll need in the future and they will help them be sure of the best thing to do so they don’t have to think of selling bricks! 

If you don't know how to invest for the the future, be it long term or short term, then it's worth giving Raymond James Investment Services a call - what have you got to lose?  Give them a call and find out!  01462 422507

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