12th November 2013
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Having completed my 4 week introduction course I am now trying the different classes that are on offer at The Pilates Pod to see which class suits me best, this week was my first Mat Class with the very lovely Ellen. 

I had a feeling that these classes may be a step up from the intros, I was not disappointed.  Knowing now that mat work would not mean lying on a mat trying to find my core, we were soon in the flow of exercises which not only worked a large number of muscles in my body but also tested my co-ordination.  Who would have thought that mimicking walking whilst lying down would be so challenging!

The ‘clencher’ (power ring) then came out and I learnt a number of exercises which worked me from my arms down, my core was well and truly engaged (I have already put one of these on my Christmas list and it will get more use than my roller blades and rowing machine put together!).

We then came to my favourite exercise of the day….Hundreds (thankfully not thousands), they are similar to a stomach crunch with added arm bounce and breathing, well worth going to the class to learn this and to hear Ellen singing pump…2..3…4 to push you on!

I have felt great since this class, each time I go I feel like I have more energy after. I am doing Hundreds everyday and have seen a marked change in my mummy tummy! Looking forward to trying out the Fit Ball next week!

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