Pilates week two - I do have core muscles...?
22nd October 2013
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So this week I feel I had my eureka moment about Pilates.  Having ‘done’ my previous homework I was a bit stuck to see how it would help me say au revoir to my mummy tummy but no longer do I have those doubts.

The explanations we got last week were turned into movement and with some great pointers which included follow the spider and my personal favorite leaving a mouse house not a beaver house (you’ll have to book onto a class to get the full explanations!) I could really feel it was working.  It wasn’t just because of the odd body shake but feeling each muscle work as it was meant to with no wrenching or jerking movements.

Unlike Yoga which I loved doing at classes I have found that as well as enjoying the classes I have very quickly built the movements into my exercise routine especially the ‘ab prep’ or sit ups to you and me…so bring on the new homework and role on next week (might even be brave enough to put some before and after shots up soon……..).

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