Our Hitchin, Our Streets
28th March 2016
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Calling all Photographers - Hitchin Camera Club launches community photography project and invites the people of Hitchin to photograph all the streets of the town.

Simon Maddison of Hitchin Camera Club Committee said “Our Hitchin Our Streets (OHOS) aims to show the diversity of the town from its historic streets and back alleys to the residential estates and industrial areas. There are no right or wrong images, we hope people will photograph the road they live on and any streets that interest them. The result we hope will be a wide range of photographs showing not just the buildings but also local details and people in the streetscape.”

“Photographs can be taken on any equipment, including mobile phones and tablets and should be uploaded to the project website: ohos.hitchincameraclub.org where there are more details of the project and how to join in”

The project starts on 1st April and runs for 6 months. At the end there will be a web archive of photographs which will be of historical interest. Hitchin Camera Club also hopes to hold an exhibition of selected images from the project.  Simon added “ The themes of the exhibition could be doors, arches, churches, groups of friends gathered round a street sign. This all depends on the imagination of the photographers and the photos they take and upload. So serious or funny images, all are welcome, whatever you think is of interest in your street and any street in the town” 

For further information contact Simon Maddison on 01462 452975 and


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