OMG - I Felt Like Nora Batty!
28th April 2010
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Had a really busy day yesterday in Hitchin.  Started off by meeting Mark and Fran, the partners and very nice people of HW Associate Accountants for a marketing review.  Was good to catch up and find out what is happening in their business and what they like (or dislike) about working with us!  Sometimes you don't want to ask the question incase you don't like the answer but it is something that lots of companies don't do and should.  HW Associates offer a wide range of services and we always find our meetings with them very refreshing.

We then made a made dash to buy some flowers to present to Nicola Prebble, the Manager at the White Wardrobe on Bancroft (pictures to follow). 

Unfortunately as I made my way across the cobbles in Hitchin Market Square, my 'hold up stockings' or not so hold up in this case decided to detach themself from my legs and slide down in full view of everyone in the street. Now whether it's because the plastic has lost it's stickiness or if its down to my silky smooth legs I don't know but all I can say is how embarrassed I was.  I walked very briskly trying to pull the stocking up and ran into 'All In a Flower' in the Arcade and ran behind Kates counter to take them off.  Not sure who was most shocked, her or Keith.  Kate said she's never had a request like that before!  Thanks Kate for the loan of your desk and the beautiful flowers which we then went onto present Nicola at The White Wardrobe with.

Nicola has done a fantastic job at The White Wardrobe, and has hundreds of glowing testimonials about how helpful she is to brides looking for that perfect dress.  She was pipped at the post by 2 testimonials to a firm in Evesham (grr) as the most loved bridal business in the country but non the less deserves a massive well done for the effort that she put into the 14 days of love.

Having left Nicola, we went to meet our favourite letting and estate agents Premier Move in Brand Street.  Glad to say that in the time we spent with Polly and Mark, the phones didn't stop ringing!

So after 2 great meetings I returned to the car to find that we had a parking ticket!  And to top it off, a blister where my now stocking free toes had rubbed on my shoes.....  :(

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