North Herts All Girls Choir Sing Their Hearts Out in Hitchin
9th December 2012
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My 11 year old daughter recently joined the newly formed Junior North Herts All Girls Choir and they were invited to perform 2 songs at the 5th Anniversary Concert of the Senior Choir. A daunting prospect for 5 girls aged 10/11 years old. They were fantastic. Of course I will admit that I am biased being proud mum of one of them but it's no mean feat to stand up and sing harmonies in front of a packed crowd.

The Senior Choir belted out some crackers too including "I know it's today" from Shrek the Musical, "Skyfall" and "On my Own" from Les Miserables.

If you've got a daughter, niece, or next door neighbour who is aged between 6 and 18 who loves to sing, then you should seriously think of sending them to North Herts All Girls Choir in Hitchin

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