My cats come home!
28th September 2009
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I'm so excited I had to tell someone!  My cat has come home after a week of being AWOL.  Keith got him for my 30th Birthday from Wood Green Animal Shelter and we were told he was about 3 years old, that's some 12 years ago now so he is getting on in cat years.

He is a really friendly cat, always wanting to sit on your lap and apart from when we first got him, he has never gone missing before.  So when he didn't show up for tea last week we were really concerned.  The kids put leaftlets through all the roads letterboxes and we went around the streets calling for him but with no joy.  I even typed into google "Do cats disappear when they go to die" as I had heard that this sometime happens.

My daughter has been really upset - well, she kept crying saying how much she missed him and then in the next breath, "If Tigger doesn't come home can we get a dog?"  - how fickle are children?!!  So we kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that he wasn't comng back and then this morning, I popped out to make a cuppa and there he was sitting at the patio doors!  I couldn't believe it!   I was so excited that I gave him a can of tuna.

No cuts, bruises or limps so where has he been?  Why do cats take themselves off?  Well, I can tell you one thing, he's grounded until he realises that he has to be home at a reasonable time at night!  Welcome back Tigger - we missed you.

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