Most Loved Businesses/Organisations in Hitchin are:-
17th February 2014
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Well what an amazing few weeks of frantic voting in our 5th annual 'Local and Loved' Campaign.

We've had a great few weeks picking up voting cards and reading some of the brilliant feedback that local people have been leaving for businesses and organisations in Hitchin.

The votes are in, have been counted and verified and we are delighted to announce the the Winner is ......

Pebble Beauty Sanctuary in Bucklersbury!  

We know the team get really involved each year and it's a big event in the calender for the business which is run by Geraldine Ping and Catriona Brown.  

The top 10 in Hitchin are:-

1. Pebble Beauty Sanctuary

2. The Pilates Pod

3. Talents Hairdressers

4. Aspire School of Dance

5. AZ Autos

6. Woodside Osteopaths

7. Shine Hairdressers

8. Taste Buds

9. Dr. Hadwen Trust

10. The Victoria Pub

Massive well done to all of you and you've had had some truely amazing reviews come through for you which show why you are so good a what you do.

Not only that, but we have had some great success within the categories across the UK too.

Woodside Osteopaths are the most loved Osteopath and The British Schools Museum the most loved Museum in the UK during the campaign and The Pilates Pod and The Blue Tree Company 2nd in the UK.  What fantastic achievements for them and their teams.

And Hitchin has 2 businesses in the top 100 in the UK too - congratulations to Pebble Beauty Sanctuary who are 60th and The Pilates Pod who are 88th.

As you can see, we are immensley proud of all of the businesses that got involved with the campaign and proved that they are indeed most loved by their customers.

The campaign is fun but the message behind the campaign is clear - support your local independent businesses and organisations and show them what a good job they do!

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