Memories of the circus
29th October 2009
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I took my children to see the Circus in Hitchin last night.  They had only been when they were very little and really had no idea what to expect.  It's funny how the big tent always looks bigger once you are inside!  We got front row seats (cos we got there so early we were in the first dozen people in the queue!) and by the time we got in, the kids were really excited.  It was really good to see families together.  There was a lovely old lady sat at the front with all her family around her singing away to 'old macdonald had a farm' and good to see so many dads. 

My children thoroughly enjoyed the show.  It's not as I remember it as a child but of course there are lots of regulations now with regards to the use of animals and in fact when we came out there were a handful of protestors against animal cruelty outside.

It was rather cheesy in parts, some good acts and lovely horses especially the little ponies which were my daughters favourites.  Shame that things like the trapeze wasn't part of the show, this was my favourite as a child, but the jugglers were brilliant.  Well worth going to for a bit of family entertainment.

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