Make your own wedding ring
15th January 2010
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Jewellery by Design in Sun Street in Hitchin have a workshop on site.  A customer rang them up and asked them something that no one had asked before.  The lady wanted to know if she could come in and make her husbands wedding ring! Well up for the challenge the lady under the watchful eye of Andy the jeweler, came in and spent the day in the workshop.  With Andys guidance at the end of the day she produced a lovely wedding band to surprise her husband with.

This is a service that most jewelers would not be able to say yes to.  The customer was delighted with this opportunity and it has opened up another service, very unique to offer clients.  So please tell your friends about this amazing service from Jewellery by Design!  Have a look at their video showing Andy making a bracelet - it's amazing to see and he made me one from all the old jewellery of my mums!



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