Luton Airport - MORE consultation
3rd February 2013
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Hitchin Forum is working on a response to expansion plans for Luton Airport and some initial views are online already.

Meanwhile, Luton and District Association for the control of airport noise has a meeting this week to work out its own response.

The Comet has been running an e-petition, requesting an independent inquiry into the planning application.

It's an interesting case. Most of us enjoy foreign travel and the convenienve of Luton Airport is undeniable. If airport needs are growing and somewhere has to be expanded, are we displaying NIMBYism - Not In My Back Yard - if we oppose this development and go on enjoying use of expanding airports elsewhere?

Whatever your opinion, this is just another example of us as the local community being given an opportunity to express and opinion.

Hitchin proved the strength of its community in the case of the Simons proposals for Churchgate - more than 3,000 people signed a petition objecting to their plans and the council denied their appeal for more time.

Are we becoming more vocal and more prepared to stand up and be counted?

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