Looking for bargains? You don't have to look far - just shop local in Hitchin.
4th January 2014
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If it's a bargain you're after, there's lots on offer in Hitchin at the moment. Get into some of our local favourites.

Whether you're after trendy shoes and clothes (Jolly Brown, Planet men/women, What Sarah did ...), classic fashion for men and women (Hawkins) or homewares (Brookers and Hawkins), there's lots to be had.

If you want to do good for charities, there's bargains in the Humanitas and Hospice shops.

If you have a VERY special occasion in store, get along to HR Holmes or The White Wardrobe.

Several of the hairdressers and beauticians are doing special offers this month. Too many to mention individually.

Lots of the traders on Hitchin Market have bargains going for a song.

You really don't have to get on the train or in the car. AND you'll be helping keep those local businesses thriving and our town the little beauty that it is.

I apologise to all the fabulous local businesses I've undoubtedly missed out - tell me what your offer is and I'll happily blog about it!

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