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18th August 2014
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We're lucky in Hitchin - most of us have good jobs and lovely homes. It's not true for all of us, though.

It was great to see a sign going up on the McCarthy & Stone building site on Old Park Road. The building of a complex of 'Assisted Living' apartments seems a positive replacement for the well-loved garage and petrol station on the site until almost exactly three years ago.

Burrs was sold several years ago to a larger group and eventually became the Marshalls Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo garage. In July 2011, it closed and the next couple of years were spent in demolition and - eventually - ground clearance. Building started in February 2014 and it's been disappointing to see van loads of builders brought in from outside the area.

Now, they're appealing for local bricklayers and 'hods' who are, I assume the hod carriers who move bricks around when it's too small a job for the enormous crane on site.

I hope there are people locally with the relevant experience required. Would be great to see some local hands building locally.

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