Living together and working together - is it good for business?
23rd September 2009
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Tom and I are due to be married next year on 24th April and now we're making an even BIGGER commitment! He's going to become a partner in my business. So from now on it's our business, which is really exciting!

As far as I'm concerned, this is a massive step. In fact, to me much it's more important than the wedding! Only joking, but I'd like to know what everyone else thinks.

What are the pros and cons? Does anyone already work with their significant other and can give us some pearls of wisdom?

We've decided that he will start a new side of the business and work at helping manufacturing companies as that's where his experience and knowledge is, so in many ways we won't be working together full time. We've already had our first business meeting to discuss the plan of action and knowing the way we are, we do communicate well with each other and it should be a lot of fun...

So I suppose the pros are that we'll be able to spend more time together, we'll both be able to arrange time off when we need it, more freedom. The cons are, of course, what if it all goes horribly wrong? What if we can't find that cut off point between work and home?

How's this for some starter ideas?

  • We'll have a weekly meeting to properly discuss the week ahead and any plans for the future
  • We'll keep each other accountable for our targets
  • We'll arrange a 'date' each week to go out away from Truesilver and have some fun
  • We'll review the situation regularly to watch out for any tell tale signs that it's not working?

Obviously it's going to be great working with Tom and it'll be so much fun being able to see each other more and have a completely new department!

I'd really appreciate your thoughts if any of you work with your partners already... How is it working for you?

Look forward to seeing everyone at the next BOH networking event - Keith and Louise are a great example of living and working together well!

Have a great week

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