Limber Up For Gardening?!
25th March 2011
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April is a busy month in clinic – why?  It’s the season for that dangerous activity......... gardening.  Would you consider going to a gym for the first time after a years abstinence and not warming up?

Here are some top tips for limbering up for gardening:-

1. Start doing a few exercises every day for your back such as bringing your legs up to the chest and gently rocking forward and back.  Backs like regular exercise – in fact the discs in between the vertebrae rely on it for their healthy maintenance as they don’t have their own blood supply so movement is key to their health.

2. Pace yourself – a little every day – not all in one day.

3. Consider other areas that might be strained – use of secateurs, digging, weeding can all cause a tennis elbow type injury particularly if the muscles of the forearm are over used such as using a computer mouse regularly, or they may be underused and weak.  Stretch out your arms and wrists.  If you are aware they are tight consider having some treatment to help to loosen them.  If they are weak seek some advice on strengthening them.

4. Take care when lifting pots – always bend your knees when lifting or.... get someone else to lift them!

5. Keep an ice pack in the freezer compartment of your fridge – if you’ve over done it this will come in handy.

And of course, if you do find yourself with an injury and need some professional help, you can contact Maria Costello at Stevenage Osteopathy Clinic who have clinics in Stevenage and Codicote on 01462 422760.

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