Let's tidy up Hitchin!
11th April 2013
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This winter (are we still in it?) has dragged on and on and none of us has felt like getting outside and tidying up. Litter blows around the streets and into our gardens. Up until a couple of weeks ago, it was getting covered by snow from time to time, so it got lost for a while.

As we begin to see hints of approaching spring, now's the time to get out and tidying up.

Hitchin Forum is getting us all to set aside some time on Sunday 5 May to Tidy up Hitchin. If we each do a bit around our own homes or workplaces, then we can make a big difference!

Hopefully, we'll have some warmer weather by the beginning of May. Grab a bin liner and see how much you can find. Thankfully, most of the town centre is kept tidy by our street cleaners and the BID rangers, but there's always more that can be done.

It's not down to anyone but ourselves and each other. We can all whinge about the state of the hedgerows and the rubbish that blows into our gardens, or we can actually do something about it.

 Read about hitchin Forum's plans: http://www.hitchinforum.org.uk/hitchins-big-tidy-up-may-5th/

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