Less rubbish in Hitchin!
3rd July 2016
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Saturday's Independents Day was the first time for many of us to see the beautiful bins decorated around Hitchin Town Centre in honour of this year's Festival.

Saturday was a day to celebrate the independent retailers around the town, as they joined together to show off their best in Hitchin Market Place.

Hitchin Festival gives many of the artists and musicians of the town to also show off their best and now we've got beautifully decorated bins as well!

There are statistics to prove that tidier areas stay tidier longer - litter generates more litter as people assume no-one else cares, either.

Beautiful bins means no-one has any excuse for dropping their rubbish on the streets and we can keep Hitchin looking beautiful!

See how many of the bins - designed by local artists and sponsored by local businesses - you can spot.

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