1st March 2013
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Renowned local author and illustrator James Mayhew visited Strathmore Infant and Nursery School on Friday, 1st March. The visit, in anticipation of World Book Day on 7th March, gave pupils the chance to understand the art of storytelling whilst James busily illustrated a story as it was created.

The visit was funded by the Friends of Strathmore School Association. Author of the famous ‘Katie’ books, James takes inspiration from the paintings of the Great Masters such as Renoir and Turner. His latest book ‘Katie and the Starry Night’ features paintings by Van Gogh woven together into a story about his heroine Katie.

Following James’ visit to the school, children at Strathmore Infant and Nursery school will continue to develop their own books containing stories and illustrations. The school will also celebrate World Book Day with a book character fancy dress day.

Bernadette Holmes, Headteacher, Strathmore Infant and Nursery School , says: “We are extremely lucky to have such a well-known author and illustrator visiting the school to work with the children. We have been looking forward to his visit for a while and have all been avidly reading his books throughout the school in preparation. Seeing the children’s stories come to life with James’ illustrations is a really special experience and it has been the perfect way to focus on books and reading in time for World Book Day.

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