It's not really snowing (yet) but it won't be long
9th September 2013
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Sorry for the picture, but I couldn't quite bring myself to using a Christmas image. But now the sun has disappeared and the schools have reopened, we've used up all our Bank Holidays and it's nearly time to book your Christmas parties.

All your favourite Hitchin venues will be offering Christmas parties and you don't need to take friends, family or colleagues any further than a short taxi ride away.

Pester power will start soon and the letters to Father Christmas will give you plenty of inspiration to shop local. Many of our local shops will order in special items if you can't find them on your doorstep.

Look out for special events at Hitchin Markets throughout the weeks running up to the end of the year.

There's really no need to leave the town for all you need. And who wants to go far in this rain anyway?

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