It's a small world - the power of the internet
6th June 2009
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I'm feeling really chuffed at the moment as we've made a couple of people really happy.

We had an email in from a lady in America who had found thebestof hitchin on the internet and thought we might be able to help her locate an old school friend whom she had gone to school with over 30 years ago. Keith emailed her back asking a bit more information and then i asked on facebook if anyone had heard of the chap. Amazingly, someone who lives in Hitchin and America too did know the man and via him we managed to get into contact and put the two people together! The lady emailed us the following and it gave us a 'warm glow'

"You and your website are my complete heros! I have already written to Ian and I just dont know how to thank you enough!
I will brag about your site and I hope everyone visits Hitchin as a result! It will be a fantastic reunion story!
I really thank you so much!"
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