Is your underlay letting you down?
14th January 2010
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Today I thought I’d go with a topical theme – layering up to keep warm!


Did you know that by using a good underlay under your carpet you can help reduce heat loss in your home?


One of the best ways to trap heat in your room is by using a good quality foam or felt underlay, especially if you have floor boards where warmth can drop through. Both these types work a little like loft insultation or good wool jacket, which insulate more than say a cheap rubber underlay which could have a lot of chalk in it that doesn’t keep heat in so well.


Not only are these environmentally friendly in terms of reducing energy used in the home, many are  made from recycled foam from furniture & waste products – tyres & off cuts.


A good underlay really helps support your carpet and helps it last longer. It’s said that it is better to buy a lesser priced carpet with a good underlay than a top quality carpet & poor underlay. This is because a poor quality underlay will flatten & crumble quicker than your carpet wears and so it will ruin the appearance.


So when dressing your home think nice winter coat but don’t forget the thermals to help keep out the drafts!  Helen Wilson Charles Wilson Carpets

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