Iphone or Blackberry? This is the question everyone wants answered!
18th November 2011
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Iphone or Blackberry?  This is the question everyone wants answered!

So I asked M-VIRON to explain some of the differences.  Here is what they had to say:-

"Firstly we have found most companies go for Blackberry, this is mainly due to the easy use of e-mail.  The Blackberry compresses data which uses up less MB and adding e-mail account onto the blackberry is a simple process.  It is also encrypted which makes it more secure than the iphone.  They themselves say the Blackberry is secure enough for President Obama to use.  Where the security has obvious advantages it also has it’s disadvantages,  In the middle east such countries as Saudi Arabia and UAE are set to ban certain Blackberry services, as the data sent by users through these services is encrypted securely enough that governments are unable to access any information sent from the phones.

Companies can have the Blackberry connected to their in house servers which enables them more control over their Blackberry phones e.g synchronising calendar dates with the companies Blackberry’s wherever they may be.  They can send files to the blackberry from the office to field reps on the road with a few clicks of the button.   Blackberry also has BBM which enables blackberry users to send pictures, video and messages to each other for free.

The iPhone has more storage, a faster CPU and more RAM but the memory management on the blackberry is better.   Although Blackberry has a lot of applications there are more applications on the iphone4 which gives it a better interactive experience, but this is more for gaming and leisure than for work purposes.  Android phones are quickly gathering pace and already boast more free applications on their phones compared to both Iphone and Blackberry.  The battery life on the iphone is not as long lasting as the Blackberry, but it does offer itunes where users can download their favorite music and videos.   

The summary is that people that have an apple Mac computer would benefit from an iphone as it is easier to link up to their computer.  For leisure and gaming an iphone or Android phone would be more appropriate. But the Blackberry is more suitable for corporate or small businesses due to the many services it offers."

A big thank you to Andy at Baldock M-VIRON for the information.  If you need any help with your mobile phones please give them a call 01462 896800.

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