Investing Your Daily Bread
8th December 2009
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What is the biggest concern that I hear? It’s the small, desperate plea “I don’t have any money left over to save or start investing”.

You may have said (or thought!) this yourself…..I know I have in the past.

But it is all a matter of perspective. Because you don’t have to be a billionaire to invest.

The best place to start is to think about what we spend money on each week without thought.

A recent survey by the baker Warburtons said working adults spend an average of £2.50 each day on their lunch - which adds up to £24,000 in a working lifetime of 40 years. Ouch!

Any how many of us have spent £3.00 on a nice coffee without thought?

The thing is, fancy coffees and sandwiches ARE nice….but what if we instead made our lunch twice a week and saved that nice coffee for just an occasional splurge?

Quite easily we can save £3 a day…..which is £50 a month! By putting that into an investment regular savings plan, that £3 could turn into £000’s over just a few years.

That doesn’t sound so tough, does it?

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