Indulge Yourself with a bit of networking!
22nd November 2009
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We had a really good networking meeting last week hosted by Indulge Restaurant in the Centre for the Arts.  We had over 60 attendees and I was surprised at how many people didn't know the restaurant was open for lunch everyday to the public!  The food is superb, all cooked and served by students who are learning the trade.  It's well worth going along to even if you are thinking of having a business meeting or meeting up with a friend for lunch.

I am always pleasantly surprised at the amount of people we get coming along to our bestof hitchin evenings and the mix of businesses.  We had a wide variety last week, from a cheese maker, florist, archery tution, artist, clothes retailer, mobile phones, insurance, builders, plumbers, beauticians, accountants (I could go on).  We even had a guest from The Cabinet Office in Whitehall... he is working on a project about the impact that SMEs have within a community and wanted to find out what is concerning SMEs; and to get a better sense of their role within the community.

I love what I do, I meet so many different people and no 2 days are the same. With any business, in order to grow you have to get your name out 'there' in a variety of different ways and places.  I like to think that local people do recognise 'thebestof hitchin' now and are starting to become more interactive with us.  You would be surprised the sorts of questions we get asked! 

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