Independents' Day comes to Hitchin
5th July 2014
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As well as Jolly Brown, What Sarah Did... and The Phoenix and the Lion (pictured), there were stalls from Planet menswear and womenswear, Rosita Lollipop, Eric T Moore Books, Kinetic Cycles, Parc computers and many more.

We're fortunate to have so many people prepared to bring their retail skills to our small local shops and give us a range of products so we don't all dress the same and think the same.

An event like today - part of a national campaign - serves to remind us all of the great independent shops we should be supporting.

The smaller businesses on display in the Market Place today build on the tradition established by Gatwards the jewellers, Brookers hardware and Hawkins department store. There was also a stall from Hitchin Market, still going strong many, many decades after it make Hitchin into the great market town it remains today.

The quality of Hitchin relies on us all to support these businesses, and the services, restaurants and bars run by local people for local people. Today's a good reminder to do so.

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