In need of a laugh to offset the horrible weather (with more forecast)?
3rd April 2013
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We're all sick of the cold weather and there's only so much retail therapy can do. What we all need is a good night out. Plenty of options in Hitchin and as spring(!) approaches, things are beginning to happen once again and lighter evenings are tempting us off our sofas.

There's always plenty of live music happening in Hitchin and we may not have a cinema any more, but we do have Hitchin Film Club, Hitchin Folk Club and the excellent Last Minute Comedy, which is this Friday welcoming a load of new acts.

Master of Ceremonies Paul B Ewards can always be relied on to produce a hilarious night, if always a bit rude - depending on where your 'rudeness' scale is set. There's a bar at The Woodside Hall and it genuinely is a really good night. Just don't tell Paul I said that.

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