21st November 2014
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Now, I am not an avid watcher of TV, but I actually LOVE ‘I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!

 Great Entertainment

It’s great entertainment watching other peoples pain and anguish, and the interaction between the inmates and has become a family favourite.

 Then I got an email from one of our new Accountants on thebestof Hitchin, Base52 Chartered Accountants asking what they can do to appeal to more customers.

 And so it occurred to me……

 Many businesses see their accountant as a necessary evil or a bit like the eating challenge on the telly. All of the ‘meals’ leave a horrid taste but some are more horrid than others.


However, I know that HW Associates are passionate about helping their customers to grow, Bradshaw Johnson work tirelessly to keep their clients compliant and Base52 have an informal drop-in session called 'Fridays with Fred'.

 All have been around for some time, all very different in how they add value.

 Leaner and Meaner

So, whether you see your accountant as a Witchetty Grub, a sheep’s eye or a camels hump (this even made ME gag), if you work WITH them then you and your business will be leaner and keener and better prepared to face the other challenges that life and business bestow on you.

 For more details on some outstanding local Accountants contact the following

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