If you only do ONE thing this weekend to make a difference, do this.
4th January 2013
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From 10am to 5pm tomorrow, you have the chance to view plans and quiz developers about the potential massive changes to Hitchin Town Centre.

All the details about the session are here: http://www.north-herts.gov.uk/index/community_and_living/churchgate_development_project/churchgate_information_days-2.htm

Go to the Community and Enterprise shop in Hermitage Road and take a look.

The current designs increase the number of shops and introduce residential properties - and the developers admit that they have to add in homes to make money.

Car parking is maintained - not increased.

One 'anchor' store (presumably a Debenhams, John Lewis or similar) is needed for this all to happen.

Nothing is carved in stone and it feels as if Simons are just exploring possibilities and seeing how far they can push councillors and residents at this stage, before actual plans are submitted.

What is fundamental now is that ordinary people who live or work in the town should take a look and express an opinion.

If you can, get along to the public meeting at Church House on Wednesday 9 January at 7:30pm.

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