Hitchin Town Hall - available for hire
19th June 2016
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Whether you want a venue for a special event or to hold a regular club or society, Hitchin Town Hall is finally open for business.

Their 'open day' on Saturday unfortunately only gave access to the Mountford Hall, which appears to have had a lick of paint since it was last open to the public.

There is also a smaller room - the Lucas Room.

Unfortunately, the Museum and the Cafe are not yet open, although marketing materials this weekend anticipated opening in May 2016.

This has not been an easy refurbishment and it'll be good to see it finally all open to the public and used by the local community.

The latest update from The Comet gives some insight into the Town Hall's past. No doubt more information will follow as it becomes clear what's happened in recent months.

To book space in the Town Hall, click here

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