Hitchin rocks to Rhythms of the World
3rd August 2014
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Most of us well remember the Rhythms of the World weekend of 2012, when sunglasses and wellies were equally important.

This weekend - once more at the beautiful Hitchin Priory - a huge assortment of local and international bands appeared for a huge audience.

I'm just waiting for the headliner this evening when the fabulous Courtney Pine takes to the stage. And the audience is seeing him as part of the wealth of talent on display for the ticket price of £15 per day. Most festivals with this calibre of musicians would be four times that - and more.

It takes a huge team to put on a weekend like this. Five trustees and a group of team leaders who - for free - meet regularly and build plans for months. Then a whole band of hundfreds of volunteers join in for the weekend itself. That's a lot of people putting in a lot of effort just for the fun of it.

Once more, Hitchin proves that if you want something done for nothing, you just have to find the right people.

Want to help put on Rhythms of the World 2015? Visit www.rotw.org.uk



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