Hitchin Priory Continues as Wedding, Conference and Hotel Venue
8th August 2013
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Having spoken with Thierry Viatge, General Manager of the Hitchin Priory regarding the sale of the Priory, Thierry confirmed that the Priory will continue to trade as a Wedding Venue, Conference Centre and Hotel, and that all existing and future bookings will be honoured in the same manner as they have whilst operating under the Chartridge Collection flagship.

He would like to personally reassure each and every one that the Priory will be operating as they have for the past few years. It will be in the prospective buyers interest to maintain a successful business and that the only impact on current and future clients will likely to be positive as with new ownership, often come available funds to improve the quality of the product.

"Town Centre Manager Keith Hoskins is also absolutely correct when saying He would love if it came back into local ownership. I could not agree more. I personally would love for the Priory to become even more part of the community. Having been working here for almost 6 years, I am very fond of the Priory and of Hitchin." said Thierry.

"The Priory is known to all at “The Priory”, not as the “Priory, part of Chartridge Collection, Hamilton Hotel Partners” and it will only change for the better. I know its potential and I am certain that sale of the Priory will be beneficial to both the Priory and its customers."

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