Herts Air Ambulance Emergency In Hitchin
5th February 2010
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Hitchin Town came to a stand still when the Herts Air Ambulance flew into the town square.  Someone said that a man had fallen down the steps in a local business.  Photographs were taken by loads of local people including photographer Sharon Cooper.  It costs the Herts Air Ambulance £2,000 every time a call out comes so the fundraising is essential to keep the service going.

Sharon said " I was busy taking photos in the churchyard (for a forthcoming exhibition called "I heart Herts" when I heard the chopper and saw it circling the church, then I saw it was landing and rushed to the square. The air ambulance team and local police controlled everything brilliantly. Amazing sight to see the chopper take off just outside waterstones, with that clock tower looking so close".  Thanks to Sharon for use of the photograph.

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